Steel Table Marble Glass Outdoor French Provincial Le Forge
Steel Table Marble Glass Outdoor French Provincial Le Forge

Le Forge Outdoor Signature Table 6/8 Base Hand Forged Steel.

Le Forge Signature Table Base (Since 1985)
Seater 6-8 Treated for Indoor and Outdoor
160 x 80cm


The Le Forge Signature Steel Table with it's curved legs and brass centre badge is one of our iconic bases.  Each piece is meticulously hand forged and treated for the Australian environment then hand finished to give it it's own character and charm. Any slight difference in the final finish is due to the hand forged process which we consider to be merits in workmanship. It’s a quality piece you will be able to keep forever.

This prestigious and original Le Forge hand crafted steel table base is available with your choice of three elegant tops.

Choose from classic Carrara Marble, Glass or Cement finish.

Ask our expert staff to help you choose which combination of table base and top will best suit your needs.

Carrara Marble

Classic Italian Marble from the Carrara region is an elegant option for your  Le Forge steel table base, being a natural product you will not find two pieces the same.

It's extremely durable and you can expect it to age and gain character over time. With this in mind we use what is referred to as second grade marble.

200 x 100cm


Our glass tops are cut individually for your order, so if you'd like a different measurement to fit your space we'll happily cut it to your size

200 x 100cm  with 5 cent corners


210 x 100