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Versailles Coffee Table Base

Versailles Coffee Table Base
A Le Forge classic (since 1985)
Treated for indoors and outdoors 110 x 60cm
Genuine Le Forge products are branded with the "Le Forge Sydney" brass badge.
We deliver Australia wide


This prestigious and original hand crafted Le Forge steel table base is available with your choice of 2 elegant tops.

Choose from classic Carrara marble or glass.

Carrara Marble

Our Classic Italian Marble from the Carrara region is an elegant option for your  Le Forge steel table base, being a natural product you will not find two pieces the same.

It's extremely durable and you can expect it to age and gain character over time. With this in mind we use what is referred to as second grade marble.

Base with 120 x 80cm marble top $3098

Base with 155 x 80cm marble top $3219


120 x 70cm

Glass can be cut to your specifications also